How To Handle Modeling Rejections

Rejection is tough especially when you’re being rejected on a path that could lead to your dream job. However, what separates the pro models from the amateurs one it’s how you deal with rejection. If you want to become a successful model you need to learn how to deal with rejections. When rejections happen you can either let it break you and your career or suck it up and work harder to become a better model. We are sure that if you choose the second way you are going to become a model that nobody can reject you.


Models are constantly being told not to work especially when they are young and new into the industry. Therefore, it’s crucial that you prepare yourself for those rejections to become a great model. Many successful models say that the hardest time of their career is that they are always being told no. If we look back some of the greatest mainstream models today were rejected for being too short or other factors. They took those rejections as feedback and are now among the highest-paid models of all time.

Over time your “no” will turn into “yes” and this could happen a lot faster if you learn how to turn rejections into lessons that will improve you as a model or as a person. In this post, we will tell you some tips that will help you become a better model in the future.


Never Take Rejection Personally

We mentioned this in another post but it’s worth mentioning it here as well. We cannot stress this enough. Think of it this way. You can be the sweetest fruit on the market but there will be people who love bitter fruits. The same thing applies to the model.

Trust us, if you take rejections personally it will do you nothing good. Companies already made up their mind when they meet you and if you don’t fit their description they will just move to another model. This isn’t your fault or their fault either since one job goes better with another model. We are sure that there will be a time where you will be the perfect model for companies.


Learn How To Move On

Clients or companies don’t explain why weren’t you chosen to work for them and that can leave you wondering over reasons why and often even obsess you with it. It’s crucial for the future of your career to not do this. Professional models should do the best they can and even if they are rejected they should just accept it and move on. Modeling jobs are tricky and sometimes aren’t your fault. Simply because you are not the person you have in mind doesn’t mean it’s your fault and you can’t do much about it.

Accept Criticism As a Feedback

If a company or client does not take the time to give you the reasons why you were rejected or give any sort of criticism you should just accept it as feedback. Don’t take a defensive stance or try to argue with them. That will simply make things worse. When you are rejected a company has already another girl in mind. Take this criticism and use it as a reason to improve your modeling skills. Do this and in no time you will become a better model than you ever was.

Get Back on Track

Once you get rejected you would probably think that’s time for you to take a break from modeling or anything of the sort. However, once you’re on a break other models are probably out here getting paid over a job you could be the perfect fit for. Keep in mind that the longer you avoid your career the harder it will be for you to get back on track. Once you made up your mind to become a model there will be other chances for you and your modeling career.

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