Becoming a Fashion Icon in Paris

One of the biggest perks of being a model is working in some of the most amazing cities in the world. One of these amazing cities is Paris. Paris itself is a major point in the modeling industry. Every year thousands of events are organized in order to show off some of the best models in the world. As you may already know some of the most iconic fashion agencies such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and many other fashion houses have models in Paris. Paris is a dream destination for every young girl who aspires to become a model. It’s also the final destination for many mainstream models. If you’re participating or performing in fashion runways during the fashion weeks means you’re an important person in the industry.


Requirements for Fashion Models

When it comes to being a fashion model the requirements are very strict especially in Paris. You need to be more than 6’ tall, have a petite bust, and clothing size of 38-40. Fashion designers use one size model for their designs so it’s best for you to be on the size mentioned above or else you can start searching for other modeling categories. You noticed maybe that all fashion models have the same body size. That’s because it’s easier for designers to design their samples on a fit that goes with most of the people. You have to be the right fit according to the masses of the people in the world.

Fashion Models Age Requirements

In France the legal age for people to start working it’s 16. The modeling industry is considered a job therefore young girls can start their careers earlier than the rest of the world. However, many fashion houses have this policy where they tend to hire girls who are above 18 years old. When we speak about younger modeling categories such as junior or junior plus, the modeling agencies need to ask for a special license that allows them to keep working normally.


Sophisticated Models Give Another Name On “Style”

To be a model in Paris requires more time, effort, and experience than any other market in the world. Modeling in Paris isn’t the best place for young girls who aspire to become models due to its harsh environment. To be a model in Paris you need to gain experience from working in any other market before whether that’s American, European, or Asian market. Paris is the most luxurious and sophisticated market in the world. We suggest you try working in Milano, Tokyo, Singapore or Australia to get the experience, style, and sophistication needed to become a model in Paris. Those strict requirements make Paris the market with some of the most luxurious clients and modeling houses in the world.

Being Employed As a Model in Paris

Payment for models in Paris is quite different compared to the American market. In America, you are paid based on contracts or the sort of job you’re making. However, in Paris, whenever you start working for a modeling agency you will get a monthly salary whether you’re working or not. Whether you’re being paid by the clients or the agency isn’t being able to get your jobs it shouldn’t be your concern because, in the end, you will get your payment. However, France has a lot of taxes so don’t just think you can make money there in no time. Your taxes go up to 40% of your income so we suggest you save some money and not spend it all. Most of the taxes are paid for health insurance, pensions, and unemployment.


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