Becoming a Fashion Icon in Paris

One of the biggest perks of being a model is working in some of the most amazing cities in the world. One of these amazing cities is Paris. Paris itself is a major point in the modeling industry. Every year thousands of events are organized in order to show off some of the best models in the world. As you may already know some of the most iconic fashion agencies such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and many other fashion houses have models in Paris. Paris is a dream destination for every young girl who aspires to become a model. It’s also the final destination for many mainstream models. If you’re participating or performing in fashion runways during the fashion weeks means you’re an important person in the industry.

Requirements for Fashion Models

When it comes to being a fashion model the requirements are very strict especially in Paris. You need to be more than 6’ tall, have a petite bust, and clothing size of 38-40. Fashion designers use one size model for their designs so it’s best for you to be on the size mentioned above or else you can start searching for other modeling categories. You noticed maybe that all fashion models have the same body size. That’s because it’s easier for designers to design their samples on a fit that goes with most of the people. You have to be the right fit according to the masses of the people in the world.

Fashion Models Age Requirements

In France the legal age for people to start working it’s 16. The modeling industry is considered a job therefore young girls can start their careers earlier than the rest of the world. However, many fashion houses have this policy where they tend to hire girls who are above 18 years old. When we speak about younger modeling categories such as junior or junior plus, the modeling agencies need to ask for a special license that allows them to keep working normally.

Sophisticated Models Give Another Name On “Style”

To be a model in Paris requires more time, effort, and experience than any other market in the world. Modeling in Paris isn’t the best place for young girls who aspire to become models due to its harsh environment. To be a model in Paris you need to gain experience from working in any other market before whether that’s American, European, or Asian market. Paris is the most luxurious and sophisticated market in the world. We suggest you try working in Milano, Tokyo, Singapore or Australia to get the experience, style, and sophistication needed to become a model in Paris. Those strict requirements make Paris the market with some of the most luxurious clients and modeling houses in the world.

Being Employed As a Model in Paris

Payment for models in Paris is quite different compared to the American market. In America, you are paid based on contracts or the sort of job you’re making. However, in Paris, whenever you start working for a modeling agency you will get a monthly salary whether you’re working or not. Whether you’re being paid by the clients or the agency isn’t being able to get your jobs it shouldn’t be your concern because, in the end, you will get your payment. However, France has a lot of taxes so don’t just think you can make money there in no time. Your taxes go up to 40% of your income so we suggest you save some money and not spend it all. Most of the taxes are paid for health insurance, pensions, and unemployment.

What Should You Know About Fitness Modeling

Do you love modeling? Do you love being in the center of attention? Do you love being photographed? Are you in a Great Shape? If yes then we have great news for you. This post will probably teach you how to become a fitness model. Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to submit on becoming a fitness model. To become a fitness model you need to live a healthy lifestyle, be dedicated to fitness, and keep your body in great shape. Many people see fitness modeling as an easy career that everyone could do as long as they are dedicated to fitness. However, people fail to miss the hard work and dedication that goes through all that success. Since it’s a job that gives you lots of exposure many people think it’s easy and everyone can do it. You can see fitness models in magazines, commercials, or any advertisement that’s related to health, healthy lifestyle, etc. But, do you have what it takes to become a fitness model in a very aggressive market?



What Are Fitness Models

Too many people’s eye fitness models are simply amazing models who are in great physical shape. Surprisingly they are often mistaken for bodybuilders. Fitness models are in great physical shape and never as extreme as bodybuilders. Another common misconception that happens with fitness models it’s their confusion with fit models. Fit models are people who work for fashion designers or clothing manufacturers to make sure their clothes have ideal sizes and feel comfortable. While on the other hand fitness models are people who advertise health products, magazines, etc.

Physical Requirements Fitness Models Need To Have

When it comes to fitness modeling the requirements are really strict compared to other modeling categories. However, they are less strict than runway models or fashion icons. To become a fitness model you should be around 5′ 5″ to 6′ tall. What matters the most it’s your body shape and not it’s height. You need to be fit with a firm and slender body before you decide you want to get into fitness modeling. Besides a healthy body, you need to be quite attractive to the masses with a beautiful smile and healthy skin. As a fitness model, you will have modeling jobs mostly around commercial markets or advertisements that would fit the masses or a wide range of consumers.

Where To Get Jobs As a Fitness Model?

Mostly, fitness models are used to promote athletic wear, fitness companies, gym advertisements, or any sort of publicity related to this. Your photos will be used in every commercial that’s related to keeping a healthy body. Those commercials include magazine covers, catalogs, or huge billboards. However, sometimes your work can prove to be hard due to the fact that you need to look after your body as well. Your workout timers will be more intense and your diet may be more strict. However, once you set that mentality you will become one of the most successful fitness models in the world.

How To Start As a Fitness Model

Like everything else in the modeling industry, what matters the most it’s exposure. You need to find the best ways to get noticed by fitness companies, fitness magazines, or a modeling agency that requires your type of body. Search online for more exposure measures and you will see how fast you will gain your first modeling contract. Keep sending emails and emails to different scouts and modeling agencies to speed up the process.

How To Step in Modeling World As A Fit Model

Do you know someone who works like a fit model? Do you have any idea what they do? If not then this post will help you explain what fit modeling is and what you need to do to step your foot in this modeling category. It may sound like an easy job but it requires more work and effort than you think.



What is Fit Modeling?

Fit modeling consists of a model that gets to try new clothing for fashion houses or clothing manufacturing facilities. Those models should test things like the fit and the material. It’s crucial for these models to learn how to communicate because they will always be giving feedback over the outfits they are trying. The physical requirements aren’t that strict since fit models conclude many categories or types.

Types Of Fit models

Fit models are very different from other modeling categories. It starts from children to men and women of different shapes and sizes. Most of the models are on a standard fit but also plus-size models and other types are welcome. Fit models include swimsuit outfits, intimate models, junior and junior plus, and plus-size models. As you can see the type of models are quite vast and meaning there is a place for everyone in this category. All it takes to become a fitness model is hard work and love for the industry.

Why do Designers Need Fit Models

When designers or cloth manufacturers design their clothes for the consumer market it’s important that they use a standard one for all sizes that will look good on the masses. They don’t look for perfect models such as runway models because the consumers don’t have that sort of body. Hiring fit models it’s less expensive than hiring fashion models. This modeling category is always on the lookout for new people therefore if you want to step your foot in the modeling industry fit modeling it’s a great way for you.


Fit Modeling Requirements

Fit models need to be very flexible with symmetrical and standard clothing sizes that can fit the masses. As a fit model, you should always be punctual and travel whenever your designer needs you. You should know how to speak your opinion and give feedback related to the clothing you’re trying. It’s your duty to make sure that the outfit it’s perfect and ready for the consumer’s market.

How to Become a Fit Model

Fit models are wanted on every major market of the world that deals with clothing manufacturing. Those cities include New York, Milan, London, Tokyo, etc. Work hours are mostly full time so that can be a problem for many of you. To become a fit model its easier than starting a modeling job in other categories. However, there are three things you need to have and are considered a “must-have”.
● Fashion trend knowledge
● Punctuality and great ability to give feedbacks
● Specific body measurements according to the category they’re applying.

Once you have those features, it’s safe to say that many jobs will come to you if you keep looking. All you need to do is be patient because this sort of job sometimes takes a lot of time or persistence. All in all, to become a fitness model it’s an easier job on the modeling career; however, it won’t work out unless you put your 100%. This sort of industry requires a lot of new people of all types and ages. Whether you’re a man, kid, or woman, it doesn’t matter. There is something for everyone, so start looking.

Many young girls who want to step their foot in this industry often choose fit modeling as an easier way to enter. This helps them get to know people and realize how the modeling industry works. Use this job to get to know important people and create your relationships with different agents, scouts, or clients.

Avoid Those Mistakes On Your Modeling Career

Modeling career can be fulfilling for most of us since it offers you a luxurious life with many advantages. However, this industry is quite fragile and one simple mistake can throw away all the hard work you accumulated over the years. There are many common mistakes young girls make and hopefully in this post you will learn how to avoid them. Don’t fall for those mistakes in your early career and we are sure you will keep going to become one of the next biggest names in the industry.

Reduce Expenses

To become a model doesn’t mean you have to waste a lot of money on the process before you even start. Whether you have your source of income or you’re being financed by someone else it’s safe to say that your budget isn’t that high so you should learn how to manage your expenses. You should not spend more than necessary because your career can end before it even starts properly. All your expenses related to your modeling career should be kept to a minimum until a modeling agency actually decides to represent you. The only thing that may cost you money at the start of your career it’s modeling classes or professional photo shooting. However, keep in mind that those two aren’t necessary to start a modeling job. At the end of the day experts value snapshots more than professional photos. To cut it short try to avoid any big investment in your modeling career until you sign your first modeling contract. You should focus more on getting exposure than taking modeling classes.

Fix Your Portfolio

Young girls who aspire to become models don’t realize the importance of a good looking portfolio. You don’t need to spend a fortune on professional photo shooting when snapshots are cheaper and give more information to your modeling agent or scout. They can be cost-free and can be taken by your friend or family members. Keep in mind that when modeling agents hire they evaluate snapshots more than professional shoots. From snapshots, they can see your healthy skin, and hair but also the length of your arms, legs, etc. They want to see the true you…the model behind the camera unaffected by makeup and photoshop.

Un-professional Contacting Ways

It’s important that you learn how to write an email before you decide to apply to any modeling agency. One grammatical mistake can throw away your entire work. The way you write your email shows a lot on the way you’re going to present yourself to your clients etc. If your email doesn’t seem appealing to them they tend to delete before they even review it completely. Today’s market it’s filled with new young girls who want to become models so in their eyes you’re just another girl. We suggest you choose your words wisely and read your email before you hit the send button.

Gain Exposure Everywhere You Can

A common mistake young girls make is the fact that they focus on one modeling category. This is the worst th9ing you can do. If you want to step foot in the modeling world you need to apply in many markets. Don’t be afraid to send your portfolio to glamour agencies, runway agencies, fitness model agencies, and other markets as well. It’s crucial that modeling agents and scouts see you and your modeling potential. It’s up to them to find the market that fits you the most.

Don’t You Give UP

Everyone has a hard time when they hear rejections especially when they are denied something they love. However, this should not turn your morale down. If you are rejected from a modeling job it simply means you aren’t the right one for that type of commercial. Keep your head up and move forward. Never look back or think that it’s time for you to quit from this dream.

Modeling Conventions

Modeling conventions it’s one of the best ways for new young girls who aspire to become models to get the exposure they need. Those major events act as a meeting ground for agencies scouts or models and usually happens in cities where major modeling markets are. There are tons of ways for a model to get the exposure they need and get noticed by top modeling houses. If you are a new model you can use those conventions to grab a few tips and tricks from mainstream models.

What Happens at a Modeling Convention

Every modeling convention is different from each other but some mini-events are always the same. Those scheduled events include workshops, seminars, or even important guests speaking. Models can learn a lot from these conventions especially on how to speak and act professionally within the industry. Modeling conventions also work as competition between the models itself. Everyone wants to look better and gain as much exposure as they can. Modeling conventions are a good place for you to meet fellow models or agents. This is your chance to collaborate or impress them with your skills. If you want to be successful in the industry you should always grab the chance to show your presence in these conventions. They are only great news and will teach you a lot of new things for the industry.

Modeling Convention In New York

New York modeling conventions usually last from eight t0 ten days and they attract famous models, agents, managers, or modeling agencies from all around the world. This major market is a great place for you to compete and show off your modeling style. This includes your look, style, walk, dress, and potential to become the new big name in the industry. Major modeling conventions are usually closed ones and you can only enter through an invitation or if you’re registered as a model in any agency or modeling school.

Modeling Convention In Canada

Modeling conventions in Canada are smaller compared to other markets. However, it still attracts the most famous people from around the world related to the modeling industry. They open their doors to a limited number of people and the only way for you to enter is through an invitation. This convention offers a wide and unique workshops or seminars that give models a chance to show their talent but even learn new things or create relationships with top professionals in the modeling industry. Canadian conventions are mostly known for discovering famous top supermodels such as Coco Rocha.


The cost for conventions can easily go from $5000 – $10,000 depending on the agency you’re working for. Keep in mind that the fee doesn’t include your traveling fees or accommodation fees such as for photoshoots, hotels, or registration. The cheapest convention it’s the Vancouver one. This had the same perks meaning you can meet the same top agents or scouts from the world for a third of the price.

Can You Afford It?

Modeling conventions are a major investment and sometimes it’s out of reach especially for new aspiring models. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be seen by top agents or scouts. You can use online scouting companies to get great exposure. This is an affordable way for everyone and it’s guaranteed that your photos will be seen by most of the scouts from all around the world.

Switching modeling agencies

Breaking up from a modeling agency is always a hard thing to do. Whether you’ve been there for 3 years or 3 months it’s never easy to cut ties to explore other markets. However, there comes a time where you feel like you need to move on to better places or other markets. Whatever the reasons may be, switching agencies it’s a really important step and you need to be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and doing it in the right legal way.

Reasons Why You’re Switching Agencies

Your agency is no longer working for you​. If your agent has dropped you off the radar or they have stopped working for your career then we think it’s time for a serious talk with your agent to find out what’s really going on. There are periods when the business may be slow but if you are not receiving any bookings at all then it’s most likely due to the fact that they stopped submitting you as the right fit for the job.

Your agency has the wrong clients for you​.

Another reason why you want to switch agencies can be its clients. Let’s say you are a runway model but your agency favors the commercial jobs. Goes without saying that you will never get as many bookings as you would like.

Your agency no longer supports your career goals​.

An agency should design a plan to accomplish the goals you set for your modeling career and if that isn’t the case with this one then none of you is going to be happy. However, we suggest you re-evaluate your goals once again to understand whether they are truly archivable and whether your agency is aware of them.

You don’t get along with your agent​.

Agents aren’t your best friends and you only need to have a professional relationship with them. If you’re uncomfortable with your agents or you’re lacking communication with him then it may be the right time to move on.

Bad reputation​.

Nobody wants to work in an unprofessional organization and modeling agencies are the same. You should move on when your agency it’s well known for losing its clients or models.

A better opportunity has come up​.

People are always on the lookout for something better. If another agency that has better payments, terms or better clients wants you then it may be what you’ve been looking for. We suggest you do your homework and research about the new agency before you rush into signing with them immediately.

Why You Shouldn’t Switch Agencies

It has a bigger name.

As always just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. While being part of an elite agency may sound good that doesn’t meet it’s the best for your career. Elite agencies tend to have many models and you’re always in competition with some of the biggest names in the industry. This sort of environment isn’t always the best for your career especially if you’re new into the industry. We suggest you stay in a smaller agency unless you’re experienced enough to hit the big modeling houses.

Before switching the agencies.​

Switching agencies it’s perfectly fine however you need to make sure that your agency is aware of your concerns. You should try to solve any issue you have with them before you leave in a rush. Sometimes a serious talk it’s all it’s needed to fix many problems in the modeling industry. It’s worth trying to speak just so you leave without regret.

Switch Time

If you communicate your concerns to your agency or tried to work it out and it didn’t then you should move on. However, here are some things you need to know before leaving your current agency. Read what your modeling contract says. You probably can’t leave directly and need to give a notice beforehand. We suggest you consult a lawyer over your contract termination.

Can You Be A Model Without Spending To Much Money

Many people think that becoming a model is quite an expensive judging from their luxurious lifestyle they expose on social media. This may cause a lot of confusion especially to the new girls who aspire to become models. The part of fees or expenses it’s often misunderstood. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic and hopefully, this post should teach you what you should pay and what you shouldn’t. The misinformation is often found in online articles from uncertified websites who write information without checking facts first. Rest easy because to follow your modeling dream isn’t as expensive as you may think. To become a model all you need it’s exposure and snapshots and getting those two can be very cheap or even cost-free.



Getting Snapshots

Snapshots are the most important thing in your modeling portfolio. Those photos can be simple and casual photos and you don’t need a professional photographer to make those. To be precise you can ask your family members or a friend you trust who can capture the best of you. In the end, nobody knows you better than the people who are close to you. Keep your snapshots simple meaning you should wear simple casual clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt. Your hairs should be well-groomed and try to keep makeup at a minimum.


Acquire Exposure

Once you get over with snapshots you can send them to modeling agents or scouts from all around the world. There are many online agencies where you can submit your pictures and we guarantee you that most of the agents and scouts around the world will have their chance to see you. This exposure can surely get you a contract with a modeling agency sooner or later. Your first contract is the most important moment in your modeling career. That’s like a dream come true for every new model in the industry.

To send photos on modeling agents and scouts can be done in many different ways. Each way has its own benefits and drawbacks. You can choose emails, mail, or online applications. If you want to sound as professional as you can, you should physically mail the pictures to the agencies you’re applying to. The only drawback to this it’s the cost.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on this thing then you can send them via emails however keep in mind that they can be ignored especially if you write it on a bad form with grammatical errors etc. It’s a common thing for modeling scouts whenever they are checking emails. As soon as they see grammar errors they tend to delete the email instantly. This shows how great you can communicate with your future possible clients.

The last way we suggest, it’s posting your photos on modeling agencies scouting tabs. Following those application forms will get you the exposure you need. We are sure that sooner or later you will be able to land your first modeling contract in no time.



Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion can be the most expensive thing you need to do in order to get exposure online. Social media is quite essential for models, especially young girls. Many agents or scouts contact models from their social media asking for collabs of any form. However, the cost of a single promotion on social media can be quite expensive especially if you’re doing it in any major city. However, if the price isn’t the thing that worries you then you will be able to get thousands of new people on your social media. This can help you advertise your work easier, and eventually, expose yourself to new people or agents in the industry. If you are looking for a cost-free choice to promote your social media you can ask your fellow models for share to share or such things. You can collab with many young girls and work your way out.

How To Handle Modeling Rejections

Rejection is tough especially when you’re being rejected on a path that could lead to your dream job. However, what separates the pro models from the amateurs one it’s how you deal with rejection. If you want to become a successful model you need to learn how to deal with rejections. When rejections happen you can either let it break you and your career or suck it up and work harder to become a better model. We are sure that if you choose the second way you are going to become a model that nobody can reject you.

Models are constantly being told not to work especially when they are young and new into the industry. Therefore, it’s crucial that you prepare yourself for those rejections to become a great model. Many successful models say that the hardest time of their career is that they are always being told no. If we look back some of the greatest mainstream models today were rejected for being too short or other factors. They took those rejections as feedback and are now among the highest-paid models of all time.

Over time your “no” will turn into “yes” and this could happen a lot faster if you learn how to turn rejections into lessons that will improve you as a model or as a person. In this post, we will tell you some tips that will help you become a better model in the future.

Never Take Rejection Personally

We mentioned this in another post but it’s worth mentioning it here as well. We cannot stress this enough. Think of it this way. You can be the sweetest fruit on the market but there will be people who love bitter fruits. The same thing applies to the model.

Trust us, if you take rejections personally it will do you nothing good. Companies already made up their mind when they meet you and if you don’t fit their description they will just move to another model. This isn’t your fault or their fault either since one job goes better with another model. We are sure that there will be a time where you will be the perfect model for companies.

Learn How To Move On

Clients or companies don’t explain why weren’t you chosen to work for them and that can leave you wondering over reasons why and often even obsess you with it. It’s crucial for the future of your career to not do this. Professional models should do the best they can and even if they are rejected they should just accept it and move on. Modeling jobs are tricky and sometimes aren’t your fault. Simply because you are not the person you have in mind doesn’t mean it’s your fault and you can’t do much about it.

Accept Criticism As a Feedback

If a company or client does not take the time to give you the reasons why you were rejected or give any sort of criticism you should just accept it as feedback. Don’t take a defensive stance or try to argue with them. That will simply make things worse. When you are rejected a company has already another girl in mind. Take this criticism and use it as a reason to improve your modeling skills. Do this and in no time you will become a better model than you ever was.

Get Back on Track

Once you get rejected you would probably think that’s time for you to take a break from modeling or anything of the sort. However, once you’re on a break other models are probably out here getting paid over a job you could be the perfect fit for. Keep in mind that the longer you avoid your career the harder it will be for you to get back on track. Once you made up your mind to become a model there will be other chances for you and your modeling career.

Most used Modeling Contracts

Whether you want to work for a local agency or you’re dreaming over international major modeling markets then landing a contract on any agency it’s a dream come true for every new model. Signing your first modeling job gives you an official model title. In this post, you will learn about the basic things you need to know about modeling contracts. Modeling contracts can be way tricky especially for girls who never had a contract before. Modeling industry it’s quite hard and you need to make sure that every step you take is well planned and beneficial for your career.

The Basic Things You Need To Know About Contracts

Modeling agencies have their own contracts meaning you will never see the same thing twice. You could never know what to expect therefore it’s crucial for you to understand what terms you’re accepting. Some modeling contracts are one page long when others may be over ten and more. Online contracts are almost impossible in this industry especially when you’re trying to reach a well-known modeling house. Each modeling contract it’s tailored according to each agency’s needs. The only thing modeling contracts have in common it’s their terms and conditions. Some of the basic things written in contracts it’s the name of the agency, their address, and obviously your name. Later on, the contract goes to state the specific terms and details. Some of the details mentioned are :

The type of contract:

The type of contract it’s the first thing you should keep in mind. Contracts can be exclusive or nonexclusive. They can either be the type of mother agency that means a long term contract or a one time only contract that’s only available for one specific job.

The model/agency relationship:

Modeling agencies especially mother modeling agencies work on behalf of your career and only want the best for you. They are like your personal manager. That being said they can’t always guarantee you work but they will always be there for you in each step you take guiding you on your future. Thanks to mother agencies you can get to know famous people, photographers, or important public people who are quite the big names in the industry.


In contrast, you can even see your payment over the specific job. Take this chance to discuss it whenever you feel like you aren’t being paid enough.


On the contract, you should also see the behavior segment. A model should always behave in a respectful manner so you don’t harm the agency’s reputation. If you do that you could be facing legal charges.


No matter how big your payment maybe we suggest you separate a fixed amount for your taxes. Models in the US are known for being contractors and not employees. Therefore you need to be responsible and pay your own taxes since the agency won’t be doing that for you.


The length of the contract:

On the contract, you should see a segment that explains how long your contract is going to last. Usually, if it’s a long term contract it will last from one to three years. Check for the terms of contract renewals or termination procedures.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

It’s not mandatory but it would surely help if you could consult a lawyer especially if this is your first time signing a contract. You need to be 100% sure that what you’re agreeing it’s benefiting you or whether they are trying to take advantage of you. However, layers are really expensive and you need to learn how to read a contract yourself. For example, let us say your modeling agency is pressuring you to sign your contract right away without letting you take your time to review it. It should pop a red flag for you whenever this happens. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If the agency is professional enough they will take their time to explain or clarify anything you need.

Ask These Questions Before You Sign Up in A Modeling Agency

As a model, your exposure is all it matters. Therefore you should go on interviews with as many modeling agencies you can so they can see you and your modeling skills. When you sign up on a modeling agency they will start asking you all sorts of questions over why you want to become a model, what category do you find yourself or why did you end up choosing their agency. From those basic questions, modeling agencies can get to know you and your personality and that will help them determine whether you’re a good fit for their modeling agency or not.


However, you need to use your judgment here and realize whether the agency wants what’s best for your modeling career or they are just looking to take advantage of you.

Questions to Ask a Modeling Agency

It’s important for your interviewer to ask you questions but it’s also your duty to ask them questions over things you need to clarify. During an interview, you need to sound as professional as you can. Look excited and engaged in your modeling career. We suggest you do some research online about the agency you’re trying to work with. Making the right questions it’s also a way for you to leave good impressions.

We suggest you let the agency lead the interview, but you also need to pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask or say whatever’s on your mind for as long as it’s related to the interview. There is no shame in asking the scouts or agents to explain things over. It’s the most important time in your career so you need to be 100% sure of what you’re signing up for.

Do I Have to Attend Your Modeling School?

Taking modeling classes is not wrong but you simply don’t need them to become a model. None of the modeling agencies in major markets such as New York, Paris, Milan, or Tokyo require you to take modeling classes before signing up a contract. If a modeling agency insists that you take modeling classes before they decide to represent you then we suggest you search somewhere else. It’s clear as crystal that the agency it’s just a cover-up and all the money then wants comes from their modeling classes and not modeling jobs itself..

Small Agency Or a Large One?

Goes without saying that landing a contract on your modeling career is your top priority but keep in mind that the size of the agency it’s also important. We suggest you step your foot into small agencies because large agencies tend to have more competition between the models. You will find it really hard to get the attention you need to advance on your career. It’s true that larger agencies have more companies or clients knocking on their doors compared to smaller ones but you need that mother agency guide especially if you’re new in the industry.

Who Are Some of the Agency’s Clients?

If you know your agency then you should know their top clients. This will give you an insight over the quality your agency offers or what sort of markets do they cover. For example, let’s say your modeling agency focuses more on glamour modeling while you’re out there looking for a job on commercial markets. It wouldn’t make any sense for you to sign up in a market that’s different from your goals.

What Jobs Does The Agency Take For Their Models?

It’s essential to know the type of modeling jobs your agency accepts. You need to know how many jobs of a certain category your modeling agency accepts. For example, you’re asking for commercial jobs but your agency only accepts for glamour modeling, etc. Also, ask about your work percentage or payment in cases you get a modeling job.